When most people think of assaults, they think of one person intentionally hurting another.  In Minnesota, the crime of Assault is committed anytime a person causes harm to another, but also if they simply cause fear of harm.  Depending on the seriousness of any injury, or on a special status of the alleged victim (e.g., someone with whom you have a domestic relationship, a peace officer, etc.), the offense can range from a misdemeanor to a very serious felony punishable by a lengthy prison sentence.  There are, however, several defenses that can be raised in assault cases, including self defense or defense of others.  There can also be challenges to the claimed special relationships such as in charges of Domestic Assault, or to the nature of the claimed injuries.  Even if one of these defenses do not exist, there can often be mitigating facts that when properly brought to the attention of the prosecutor and/or judge, can lead to substantially better outcomes.

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