If you have a criminal conviction on your record that is causing you issues with getting a loan, finding a place to live, or securing meaningful employment, you may be able to have the record expunged with the help of a qualified Minnesota criminal defense lawyer. This means that landlords, potential employers, and even nosy neighbors will not be able to see the blemish on your record when they conduct routine background checks.

Helping You Through the Expungement Process

Your criminal record typically includes everything that has occurred within the legal system. It outlines your arrest and release, the charges, whether or not the charges have been dismissed, whether you have been convicted of any offense, what sentence was imposed if you were, and even if you were acquitted after a trial. These are public records, which is why they are easy to find at the courthouse and even through a simple Internet search. When a prospective employer or landlord conducts a background check, they will find them.

An expungement is simply a sealing of records related to a police investigation, arrest and/or prosecution.  Records are not destroyed, but are sealed so that it is impossible for the public to be even aware of the existence of these records.  There is a specific process for seeking an expungement, and we have represented hundreds of people just like you in these proceedings.

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If you have a criminal charge or a conviction that is causing you difficulties with getting a job, finding a place to live, or achieving anything that involves a background check, you need the help of an attorney to pursue expungement on your behalf. To discuss having your record expunged, call Segal, Roston & Berris at 612-332-3100 for a free consultation.