Restoration of Gun Rights

There can be numerous reasons why someone could lose their right to own and possess firearms.  These can include criminal convictions, admissions to mental health and chemical dependency treatment facilities, or use of controlled substances.  One thing is for sure:  Being in possession of a firearm while ineligible can result in very serious state or federal criminal charges, most with mandatory minimum prison sentences imposed upon conviction. The good news is that there are times when a person’s lost gun rights can be restored.

Marc Berris has been around firearms his entire life.  He sits on the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Association of Defensive Firearms Instructors (MADFI) and is himself a firearms instructor and longtime competitive pistol shooter.  He has helped countless Minnesotans get their firearms rights restored, allowing them to once again hunt, recreationally shoot, and defend themselves and their families.

If you have lost your gun rights and are interesting in learning if they can be restored, call Marc Berris at Segal, Roston & Berris at 612-332-3100 for a free consultation.