Why Choose Us?

Let’s be honest.  There is most certainly no shortage of lawyers.  Look though the phone book (if you even have one) or search Google for “criminal defense lawyer” and you’ll find what seems like a never-ending list of names.  The problem is that there’s a huge difference between a “criminal defense lawyer” and an “exceptional criminal defense lawyer.”  At the risk of sounding cocky, which we’re not, here are some reasons why we fall into the category of “exceptional.”

Depth of Experience and Focus of Practice

Dave Roston has practiced law since 1970 and Marc Berris since 1994.  That’s well over 60 years of combined experience.  Dave started his career as an assistant county attorney in Hennepin County, prosecuting felony cases both at trial and on appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court.  Marc also started his career as a prosecutor, serving as an intern in the Minneapolis City Attorney’s Office and handling cases – even trying a bunch – before he even graduated from law school.  He’s also worked as a licensed peace officer, investigating and, sometimes, arresting people for the very same charges against which he now defends his clients.  These experiences give both Dave and Marc a unique ability to analyze cases from the state’s perspective, which is crucial to any effective defense.  It has also given them access to the very same training that police officers receive.  For example, Marc has been certified by the Minnesota State Patrol in the administration and interpretation of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, and by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension as an operator of the DataMaster DMT-G, the evidentiary breath test used in Minnesota.  No other lawyer in the state has these certifications.

At Segal, Roston & Berris, we’ve handled cases from Speeding to Murder, and everything in between.  We don’t, however, handle divorces, personal injury cases, business disputes or draft wills.  If you need help in those areas we’d be happy to pass along the name of a trusted lawyer in another firm.  Criminal defense is all that we do, and by focusing our practice we are able to do what we do better than those who practice in multiple areas of the law.  You’ve heard the old saying about being a “jack of all trades and a master of none,” and we think that really is true when it comes to lawyers.

Personalized Representation:

McDonald’s® sells more hamburgers than anyone else but aside from a few kids, no one will tell you that it is the best hamburger they’ve eaten.  Plenty of law firms work on an “assembly line” model, churning as many cases as they possibly can.  We don’t do things this way.  Instead, we take a “craftsman” approach, focusing on the quality of our work rather than the quantity of our clients.  This allows us to provide a level of client service that is second to none.  You aren’t just a “case,” and we don’t treat you like you are.  We also don’t use contract lawyers to make court appearances for us.  Every court appearance is important, and that is why we each see our cases through from start to finish.  No substitute lawyers; just us.  We also don’t have support staff return your calls.  We do.

Peer Recognition:

Both Dave and Marc have been named to the SuperLawyers® list every single year since 2000.  This prestigious award is given to roughly five percent of practicing lawyers who have been nominated by their fellow lawyers and put through an extensive vetting process, all intended to yield a credible, comprehensive and diverse listing of outstanding attorneys.  We’re honored to be included on this list, and to have been included for as long as we have.

There’s a lot more that makes us your best choice for a Minnesota criminal defense lawyer.  Come in for a free, no obligation consultation and we can tell you more.